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players and convert them to your race. . If a GrenadeIII hits you with anything lower than shield 5, you are dead. Open up the "Drives" folder icon by double clicking. It will cause your ship to accelerate in the forward direction. Brian Wagoner, john Powers School Counselor, this email address is being protected from spambots. Evacuating a colony from a planet If one of your  inhabited planets is under attack and the cause appears hopeless you can try to evacuate the colony and therefore concede the planet to the enemy. . The enemy often must destroy the colonies to get to the planet, so you may want to use colonies with low population.


Welcum to Charlotte s Web. Press " f " to automatically go to it and engage it in battle. Fire tube 4,5,6, etc. Once an object has been targetted a red box will appear around it to indicate that it is your target. Dianne Mros, reading Specialist. All colonies will continue colonization attempts until one is successful and then the default behavior will resume. . The navigation window will appear. . Ship systems are upgraded by either picking up the debris of ships that have recently exploded, or picking up powerups created by colonized planets. There is a rank-based hierarchy that exists within each race that determines which ships perform which functions. .

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The following are descriptions of the different ships available in the default server. . Their primary function el brasil bochum ficken ist so geil is to serve as a home to large populations as they move between planets. . Each ship you see is controlled by either a computer or a human player. . When your shields are at zero percent, the functionality of your power plant and other devices inside starts to drop. For example, the bigger ships don't come with a cloak, but if you see one floating around you can pick. . If you can't rack up kills in this baby, don't go online. . 4.2: Zip Archive Installation, to install from a downloaded Zip archive, you will need some program that can unzip Zip archives. Do not underestimate this ship. To use the laser, press "A" to select your nearest enemy and press "F" to fight them. What ship you can refit to is limited by your rank.

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